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MUST READ SDN BHD was established in 2006 and has chosen the book publishing industry as the main focus of the company’s operations. As today, Must Read has published over 400 books and consistently publishes 3 new books for each month. After 14 years of operation, Must Read is now known as the Islamic content provider. As the company focuses on providing reading material, the company has also expanded into Content Digital and TV programs.

Vision & Mission


A leading Islamic content provider emphasising on creative methods that converts tacit to explicit for meaningful acquisition, fostering a knowledge-seeking culture.


We are an Islamic knowledge content provider specialising in producing Islamic pearls of knowledge that is interactive, engaging and inspiring using distinctive up-to-date approach. We aim to foster a universal passion for Islamic knowledge, accessible anytime and anywhere and institutionalising a knowledge seeking culture. We strive to build a knowledgeable nation advocating a balanced and harmony living seeking excellence in this world and the hereafter.

Our Core Values